How Should a Good Drill Press for Woodworking Look Like?


Woodworking requires a certain level of finesse, and, of course, the right equipment for the job. If you want to know how your ideal drill press for woodworking should look like, the next ideas may be of help.


Precise selection for RPM levels


Wood comes in many different types, some of it is softer, while some varieties are really hard to work with. If you want to get a drill press that will help you with all your woodworking needs, try getting one with a good RPM range – from 200 to 3500 RPM, for instance – and the possibility to precisely select the level of RPM you want.

No vibration allowed


Woodworking requires accuracy and this is one of the reasons why a drill press is the recommended piece of equipment for such tasks. You can tell a bad unit from a good one, simply by observing the level of vibration produced. If there is too much vibration, you should immediately ditch that model. Not only it will cause inaccurate drilling results, but it can also be dangerous to use.


A few features


A good drill press for woodworking should come with a fair share of useful features ( this article I found useful) An angle gauge, an adjustable depth stop and a self tensioning system are just a few of the features you need to have on such a piece of equipment.


Chuck quality


Make sure that you get a drill press with decent chuck quality. A chuck capable of smoothly operating over its entire range of adjustments is the most recommended, because it will basically offer you the ability to get the best results. The spindle and chuck assembly should not be wobbly, either, so you can have perfect control over the work you are performing, while using the drill press inside your workshop.

Is Heavy Bag Training Essential for Developing Self Defense Qualities?


You may be surprised to learn how many people in the world are scared by the idea of having to hit someone, even when in a self defense situation. Self defense qualities can be developed in many ways, but one method that is embraced by plenty of men and women is training with a heavy bag. Why? I will explain it to you right away.


What is Hit Psychology?

When you are in a situation that constrains you to take action in order to defend yourself, you will feel an adrenaline rush, accompanied by a wide variety of sensations and emotions. There are people who say that they have never thought themselves to be able to act in a certain manner (especially a violent one), but given the circumstances, they acted on instinct to save or protect themselves. However, as I mentioned earlier, not everyone feels capable of acting on instinct just like that.

Training with a heavy bag gives you a great benefit and that is the development of something called Hit Psychology. What does this mean? Practically, by consistently hitting a heavy bag, training with it, will help you develop confidence that you can, in extreme situations, really defend yourself by landing a punch or a kick to your assailant.


Development of gross motor skills

If you are thinking that there is more than just psychology in this, you are right. Hitting a heavy bag according to a routine helps you develop something called gross motor skills. What happens when you are in a physically threatening situation is that you are put under a lot of pressure and stress. Gross motor skills engage large groups of muscles that are not affected by stress. In other words, you will train to respond properly to a physical assault, by training your muscles to serve you and act in order to protect you, and even save you from a dangerous situation.


Simple Steps to Tune Your Fish Finder


Fish finders are very popular among anglers today, because of their really great accuracy of spotting the fish that lies under water. If you want to make the best out of your brand new fish finder and star catching a lot of fish, these simple steps to tune your unit will help you right away.


Make use of the auto mode: While you may have a real knack for guessing the right settings the first time you set foot in new waters, it is highly recommended to start your fish finder in auto mode. Especially in water with plenty of suspension particles in it, the auto mode will give you a good starting point from which you can steer in any direction you think necessary.



Tune sensitivity to detect thermoclines:Thermoclines are what are known as temperature barriers, and they show the difference between the layers of water. They will appear on the screen of your fish finder as thin faint lines. How can they help you? Usually, fish hide just beneath or under thermoclines, since they have specific temperature preferences for their environment. Make sure to finely tune the sensitivity of your fish finder to start detecting thermoclines.


Make use of the zoom function in deep water: When you reach deep waters, start using the zoom function. Your screen may look like there is absolute silence down there, but the truth is screens have limited resolution (number of pixels) so they cannot discern between movement of fish and water, if the fish hide at the depths of the abyss. By making full use of the zoom function, the screen will adapt and will start offering you information on the movement detected at the bottom. This technique is particularly useful in deep waters, and it is always recommended to get a fish finder with better zoom and sensitivity.



What You Need to Know about How Radar Detectors Function


Radar detectors are devices that can be used to detect the presence of radars before you reach them, so you can avoid getting a speeding ticket from the police. There are even models that can detect the presence of laser guns, so they are even more effective than standard radar detectors.


A bit of info on radio waves

A radar works based on radio waves that bounce back between the radar and a moving car. Based on how fast this happens, the radar can tell the movement speed of the car, and this is how the police can tell if you were going over the speed limit. Such aspects are important to understand, so you can understand how radar detectors work.

What radar detectors do is that they can detect the radio wave emitted by the radars in its path, some time before you get in their range with your vehicle. They simply tell you when it is the right time to lower your speed, so you do not get a speeding ticket.


What more advanced models can do?

While most radar detectors do what just was said earlier, there are more advanced models that can even emit a scrambled signal so they can throw off the readings of the radar. This means that you can speed up while going by a radar and still not get caught, but it is a dangerous technique and not so advisable.

Different types of radar detectors

You can now get all kinds of radar detectors, each one with its own set of characteristics. Some can detect a radar from miles away, others have a small wavelength and so on.

No matter what kind of detector you want to get ( but you should definetely search for the best radar detector for your budget), remember that driving at a legal speed is recommended because it can save your life in case of a traffic accident.


What to Pack for Your RV Trips

An RV is a highly convenient way to travel, but you should not overlook that RV trips are quite demanding when it comes to planning. If you want to make sure that your RV trip will not be brought to a halt by the sudden discovery that you forgot home something essential, make a checklist and fill it in, before embarking on your trip.


Food and utensils

Plenty of snacks and prepared meals may still not be enough if you want to keep healthy and well fed while on the road. Since you can use some cooking space, you may consider bringing along ingredients for meals you can cook yourself. All the utensils needed, from cups and mugs to pots and knives, should be on your list, too.



Make sure you have enough drinking water for the entire family. If you plan to cook on your trips, getting enough water for that purpose is equally important. Keep in mind that campgrounds have their own water supply, and you can use it, but you may not be comfortable to use it for more than washing.


Sheets and sleeping bags

You will be spending at least several nights in your motorhome, so you should feel right at home. The best way to do that is by bringing along all the needed sheets, sleeping bags, blankets and the like, so you can sleep comfortably.


Bathing supplies

Do not forget about other necessities, like bathing supplies. Soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste and towels are the basics that should be included on your checklist.


Supplies for outdoor and indoor activities

The last thing you want is for you and your family to get bored on a nice RV trip ( don’t forget a good GPS). Bring along your bikes, or other sports supplies you really enjoy. Don’t forget to bring a good book, either. In the evenings, you may just want to relax inside.


What Are Weather Radios Good For?


Dramatic weather events, such as tornadoes and hurricanes, can be observed long before they hit certain areas on the continent, and being well informed is essential for your survival under such circumstances. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA, for short, is in charge of a special weather radio network that transmits important information when such an event rises on the horizon.


What you need to know is that NOAA is not manufacturing weather radios, but you can still purchase commercial versions of such devices that have the capacity to capture the signal broadcast by NOAA. If you plan to get a weather radio, search for one with the NOAA logo, which means that the device is qualified for receiving the signal, so you can be in touch with the latest information on tornadoes, hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions.

Weather alert radios

If you live in an area that is regularly affected by dramatic weather conditions, like the ones mentioned so far, you will surely need to get a weather alert radio. The main advantage of these radios is that they emit an alert sound when a new alert is being issued by NOAA. This means that even if you do not listen to your local weather channel 24/7, you will still be able to get the needed alert so you can seek shelter and prepare for the upcoming weather event.


What kind of weather alert radios are out there?

There are a few types of weather alert radios you can find right now. Desktop models are great for home use, while portable models are a better choice for those who like hiking and camping. Emergency crank models are preferred by campers who do not want to rely on a source of energy for their portable weather radios.


How to catch more fish when ice fishing – use a fish finder

Ice fishing is quite challenging if compared with fishing in open waters. For an ice angler the most difficult part is to locate the places where the fish are abundant and make a profitable catch. It is really frustrating when you dig a hole on the snow laden river or sea, lower down your fishing line, wait for hours with no catch to count in your basket. So the best option is find a promising location beforehand and then start all the steps of fishing. For this you need a fish finder that works in such difficult terrains. How will you benefit with a fish finder? Here are clarifications to some of your doubts.


Get a SONAR based fish finder

When buying a fish finder to use in snowy areas, the best option is to select one that comes with SONAR probing. The reason for this suggestion is that this technology is very reliable when it comes to the colder regions. SONAR based fish finders are very successful in locating the exact position of the catch, their size and the contours beneath the iced surface. The only thing you need to check in this case is the conical area that the SONAR probe covers. More the area it covers, better are the chances of tracking bigger group of fish to catch. With this information in hand you will lower down the line at right location and time to have a full load of fish to carry back home.

Be moving

One golden rule of ice fishing is not remaining at one location. The rule is the same as you would follow while fishing in open waters. You won’t stay at one place. Here too you have to keep moving and exploring to new locations along with your fish finder to find out the perfect fishing place.


Have fully charged batteries

When you are fishing under ice, your will observe that the batteries you are using for the fish finder will be used up very quickly. Blame it on the cold weather you are working in. So, it is always better to carry extra batteries charged up to full, so that whenever you move to different location to use the fish finder, you don’t end up with used up batteries and an empty fishing basket to carry home. Leave the home with batteries as fully charged up as you are for this adventure.


Work in team

With a single person digging holes in snow and locating the fish with a fish finder, the process will be quite slow. Better results are guaranteed if you have a team or a group. You can split the tasks of digging, using fishing finder and laying the fishing line among your team members to speed up the job of catching fish.

Final words

To match your adventurous temper, you need a device that matches your zeal for ice fishing. Get a well-designed and feature rich fish finder for ice fishing having a display to locate and report the position under the snow. You must have the satisfaction of getting a good catch by moving out in cold and rough weather.


Daiwa DSH25-2B/F662M rod and reel combo

When I acquired this rod and reel combo for bass fishing, I wasn’t 100% sure I was making the best choice, but, looking at its features and the amazing price it came with, I couldn’t say no. Even if it had broken at the first use, I wouldn’t have considered it a bad investment, since the sum of money wasted on it was moderate.

I was unexpectedly lucky, not only the rod didn’t fail me, but it proved to be a great addition to my fishing gear. As I said, I wasn’t absolutely sure I was making a quality acquisition when I’ve decided for this combo, especially since I haven’t heard much about Daiwa and I didn’t own any other product manufactured by them. Anyway, if you are curious enough as to visit their website, you will see that these guys have a long tradition of producing spinning rods and reels and much more.


The combo includes a 6 ½ feet blank, which was one of the main aspects that lured me into buying this item, as I believe this is an ideal dimension for small and medium fish species, and especially for bass fishing when you need to get a good hold of your rod if you don’t want to drop your catch back into the water. The blank is made with fiberglass, so it doesn’t get better than this if you’re looking for resistance and durability brought together. The rod has a medium power, which is precisely what you need to land bass and supports 8lb of test line, but I believe it is sure to say you can use up to 10 lbs and even more.

The reel has a high-speed retrieval, a graphite body and a strongly built aluminum spool. It has 2 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing drive, combined with a Digigear system engineered to provide a smooth retrieve and a mechanism that prevents the line from twisting and tangling on itself.  What I appreciate at the reel is the fine and lightweight graphite built that ensures easy maneuverability and doesn’t add to the overall weight of the rod.

The manufacturers have designed this combo for freshwater fishing, but I don’t see why you couldn’t use it for saltwater as well. The guides and the real seat are both made with stainless steel, so they provide great resistance to corrosion and they will last in time with the proper caring. Unfortunately, I don’t believe it is suitable for larger species.

One thing that may represent an inconvenience for some anglers is that this is a 2-piece rod, which might prove less efficient when casting, than a single piece product. I didn’t have a problem with it personally, and see that more as an advantage, since I can easily carry it with me when I have to walk long distances or have to deposit the rod in smaller places, when I go camping with my friends and family.

What Are the Advantages of a Travel System for Your Baby?


When it comes to purchasing baby items, the list can be extremely long, which is why you should focus on the most important ones. Among them, you will find a stroller and a car seat, both very important for transporting your child. If you want to save some money, but still get the safest car seats in the process, it is highly recommended to get a travel system instead.


Travel systems, as their name indicates, are special strollers that can accommodate a car seat, or even come with their own, so you do not have to spend extra. The convenience is tremendous; when you need to move your baby inside or outside the car, you can do so without disturbing them at all. You simply take the car seat and place it on the stroller, as your baby continues to sleep soundly.

That is a very good question and the answer is, sadly, ‘no’. You will have to check prior to any purchase if a certain car seat works with a travel system, or not. If you find a travel system that comes with its own car seat, that is the best choice, because you will encounter no compatibility issue.

Travel systems are mainly a good choice for those who enjoy traveling a lot, or they are forced to do so by other circumstances. If you do not want to leave your baby in another person’s care, what you can do is to get a travel system that allows you to move the car seat for your kid in such a convenient manner. Actually, another name for these systems is ‘convenience strollers’, which says a lot about the main purpose they serve.


What Is Cyclonic Technology and Why Is It Good for You?


Vacuum cleaners have been around for quite some time, when a British engineer called James Dyson decided that it was the right time to taking these cleaning devices to a higher level. In the 1980s, he invented something called cyclonic technology that we can now found on our electric brooms and enjoy its great advantages. But what exactly is this technology and how does it help us?


Why old style vacuum cleaners are not so great


What Dyson noticed while studying vacuum cleaners is that they use a bag to store the dirt and dust they collect from floors and carpets. The problem he observed right away was that while the bag was getting more and more filled with dust and dirt, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner was decreasing. Then he came up with the idea of a bagless model that will no longer have this problem.

Another thing he noticed while studying vacuum cleaners was that most of the dust sucked in was later released back into the air, making cleaning the house a more complicated process.

The advantages of the first Dyson electric broom


The first prototypes created by Dyson were bulky, difficult to use and expensive, but they serves pretty well as a proof of concept. They also introduced the first elements that made the electric broom the successful invention it is considered today.

First of all, the height adjustment feature offered many people the possibility to use an electric broom without having to bend to do so. For anyone who has ever tried an electric broom, the convenience is so obvious that it cannot be ignored.

The dust collection bin was made, even on the first models, from transparent plastic, so you can always tell when the bin is getting full. This way, you will know exactly when to empty it.




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Why I bought a sump pump for my basement

When I bought my house, it didn’t come with a sump pump installed in the basement. I tried realizing whether or not installing a new unit was an option I had to consider or if other expenses were important at the time. I had long heard about the troubles other neighbors had had with moisture and flooding, so it was crucial for me to understand whether I had to invest that kind of money in a new sump pump.

Eventually, I, as many other homeowners, took to the internet to find out the usefulness of such a machine. I quickly came across several stats and studies that showed that over sixty percent of American homes might be affected by some type of moisture or flooding at some point or the other. I talked it over with my wife and quickly came to the conclusion that the hundreds of dollars that I would spend on a dependable model were probably less of an expense when compared to the money I would have to pay on redoing my basement altogether, should it have been affected by a flooding. Another reason I had to analyze my alternatives was that our little daughter was suffering from asthma and any kind of mold would inadvertently lead to her having even more health problems.

Installing the device myself was something I wasn’t really prepared to do. Paying a lot of money on the services of a professional wasn’t an option as we had just bought the home and were considering a bit of remodeling here and there. After doing my share of research, I came to the conclusion that there are two major types of sump pumps that can be bought in today’s marketplace: pedestal and submersible. From what I gathered, installing a submersible model ( like the one I found in this article dedicated to sump pumps for basement) was way more complicated than a pedestal one so I started reading all the info I came across on forums and other online places where people go to ask for the advice of other homeowners. Eventually, I settled for a pedestal pump because it was relatively easy to install and so I only needed the assistance of an uncle who had a bit of knowledge about these things as he had also bought one not many years ago.

Why did I choose a pedestal pump and why did I have to buy it at all? When you live in an area that’s prone to hazards, it’s better to be safe than sorry. What’s more, pedestal alternatives are significantly cheaper than submersible ones, and at the time, it was pretty much all the equipment I was able to afford. After going online and reading about them, I had the surprise of understanding that some pedestal models are actually durable and will last up to or even more than a decade. Why’s this possible? Basically, all you have to do is install it above the ground, and as such, it’s far easier to clean and maintain compared to a submersible sump pump. Although it hasn’t been my case, if I need to ask for someone to come and repair the pump, I won’t have to reach the grave conclusion that the man isn’t capable of doing virtually anything because the pump is submersible. I only have to point out that pedestal models can be installed only in pits that are smaller than 10 inches, which, fortunately, was what I had on my hands.

All in all, I’m happy with my purchase and with the way the pump behaves. I can finally sleep well at night knowing that it will do its job even when we aren’t at home and as such, it’ll save me a lot of money in the long run.

The best camping spots in the South of the United States

The South of the US can provide you with a wide array of camping parks. It is hard to place them in a top of the best camping locations, but you can always try and choose those who appeal to you more, for various reasons.


The Blue Spring State Park, Orange City, Florida


The Blue Spring State Park is located on the St. John River and is one of the largest in the area. The park offers swimming, hiking, fishing, camping, kayaking, SCUBA diving and many other possibilities to have fun and enjoy nature. It is a modern facility park, where you have access to warm showers, electricity and camping spots are equipped with picnic tables and grills, so you don’t have to pack them in. The park is near to Walt Disney World, in case you have children and want to offer them an unforgettable experience.

However, Florida has many spectacular beach camping places to offer, and, if you’re looking for an awe-inspiring one, you can visit the Shell Key Preserve, a place near the Tampa Bay mouth, that even if only possible to reach by boat, it’s worth the effort. In addition, less transport routes means the camp won’t be overfilled with visitors as beaches usually are. However, remember that you first need to obtain a permit to camp here.

Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia


Located in the Okefenokee swamp, where, among others, you can admire alligators, this is one place to visit for those in search of an adventure. Camping spots are placed on wooden platforms around the swamp and (don’t worry, they are safe), they will offer you a unique sense of communion with the surrounding nature. During the day, you can enjoy a boat ride in the wilderness of the swamp and admire the old majestic trees. As a part of not only the National Wildlife Refuge System, but also the National Wilderness Preservation System, this is a camping site where people are visitors, and keeps strict rules to protect wildlife in the area. Moreover, being one of the largest wildlife reservations, it is regarded as a Wetland of International Importance.

Devils Fork State Park, South Carolina


Though not in the least as popular as the camping area located on the Atlantic coast, this place is wonderfully relaxing. The Jocassee Lake is overfilled with trout if you want to go there for fishing purposes, and you can go into the nearby forests that offer long and peaceful hiking trails surrounded by amazing scenery. There are two camping sites near the lake and vehicles are allowed inside the camp. Remember that camping spots are only available with a reservation and pets are not allowed.

The Grand Canyon National Park


Located in northern Arizona, in the Southwest of the Unites States, this is probably one of the places anybody should go once in their life, with a tent, of course. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, it is also one of the greatest natural riches in America and should be treasured accordingly. Here, you can camp either at the main South Rim campground, open all year or at the second available camp on the North Rim, that is available for camping only in the warm season (May 15 to October 31). More details on this place:



Grandma’s special yogurt recipe

Yogurt is the omnipresent food that I know of and love to eat. I am proud of the way I make the yogurt. It tastes just like the yogurt made by my Grandma. I still remember the creaminess and the sweet taste of my Grandma’s yogurt. She used to make a huge bowl of it every night. All us, the kids gathered at Grandma’s place for the summer vacation, used to relish it every morning at breakfast. She used to add finely cut seasonal fruits in the creamy yogurt. That was the most wonderful breakfast, I remember till date.


My cravings for yogurt developed only because of my Grandma. According to her, yogurt is the ultimate remedy for any kind of illness. Whenever any of us had a sunburn, she used to rub our sunburnt skin with a gentle paste of fresh yogurt and chickpea flour. I still use this recipe. For our upset tummies, we were kept on a strict diet of rice and yogurt.


Her fruit smoothies were out-of-the world. I try to make similar desserts using yogurt as my Granny did. My kids too have grown to this flavor. Their day starts with a fresh bowl of yogurt every morning. I give them cornflakes with yogurt and a good helping of finely cut fruits. I can bet that this is the healthiest breakfast possible, rich in fibers, carbs, proteins, calcium, low fats and natural sweetness of fruits.


To make the yogurt as delicious as my Grandma’s I use this recipe. The whole secret to this recipe lies   in the amount of yogurt used for mothering and the warmth it gets, the whole night.


I use-

½ litre of milk

1 spoon yogurt



  1. Heat the milk in a thick-bottomed deep pan.
  2. Wait till the milk boils. Stir as the milk comes to boil. Do not let the fine skin deposit on the milk
  3. Let the milk cool down to temperature you can bear on your skin.
  4. Transfer milk in china bowl and add 1 spoon of yogurt.
  5. Stir well with a spoon and keep the bowl in a switched off oven or a casserole.
  6. Let it rest for night or at least 5 hours.
  7. In the morning, carefully drain the whey collected on the surface of the yogurt.
  8. You have yogurt ready to be used in any form you wish.


6 things you can do to take care of your feet after a long day


Though most people should consider a foot care therapy, there are those of us who should do it constantly. Our feet are always given the hardest work and they accomplish it admirably most of the times, but they can also fail us if we put too much strain on them. So, how do you help your feet feel better again when they need to perform challenging tasks daily?

  1. Firstly, always make sure to adapt your shoes to what you might be doing that day. Constantly wearing high-heels or uncomfortable shoes will get your feet in a lot of pain. However, this is not to say that flat shoes are better. On the contrary, shoes that don’t provide proper support for your feet can increase the sensation of fatigue and lead to medical issues. Quality materials are also something you should be concerned with, as they will not only make your shoes comfortable, but will prevent bad smell and sweating.
  2. Strategically vary the shoe type you are wearing. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, if you constantly wear high-heels you’ll certainly get sore feet. Secondly, all shoes need to breathe, so, even if you have a favorite pair of shoes, you need to put them aside for 2 or 3 days, otherwise they will start smelling bad.
  3. As for the moments when you get home after a tiring day, there are a couple of things you can do to relax your feet. Firstly, if you’ve been wondering around all day with your shoes on and socks, make sure you take your socks off when you get inside the house to let your feet breathe and refresh.
  4. After taking a shower always keep your feet hydrated by rubbing foot lotion on the harsh spots, to avoid the formation of calluses that tend to look ugly and become painful if you wear high-heels.
  5. Even if you don’t have the time to do it regularly, now and then, you can try massaging your feet using a rubber ball, by rolling it on the entire surface of your sole to relax the tissues. If you want a better massage, you can use a massager device that you can find in a variety of sizes and shapes on the market. Most of them are able to perform several types of massage that are useful in reducing muscle tension. You can use one that has heating functions and uses air pressure.
  6. If a massage is not enough, you can combine it with a spa treatment. You can find foot spa machines on the market. Many of these are able to heat water at the wanted temperature and keep the temperature constant. The large majority of these products also include a variety of massage techniques, such as water massage and vibration massage. The products choice is entirely yours. However, if you don’t have one of these, you can just add warm water in a bucket, add essential oils and Epsom salt and you will obtain a treatment for your tired feet in a couple of minutes.

How to Clean Your Toaster Fast and Easy


Toasters have become quite a fixture in modern kitchens, and, because they are so easy to use all the time, they may be overlooked when the time for cleaning kitchen appliances comes around. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your toaster, a good idea would be to clean it regularly. Here is a short and easy to follow guide on how to clean your toaster.


Preparing for cleaning

Toasters have plenty of crumbs inside them and that can make the entire process of cleaning a real mess. What you can do is to prepare a little before you start the actual cleaning. First, remove the plug of the unit from the wall socket, to avoid any accidents. After that, place some old newspapers on the counter or the table, where you want to clean the toaster. Remove the crumb tray, if your unit comes with one, to simplify the process.

Cleaning the interior

Use salt crystals to clean the inside of the slots. Here is how you do that. You place some salt crystals inside, and then you cover the opening of the slots with a piece of clothing and fasten it tightly. Start shaking the toaster, allowing the salt crystals to loosen the crumbs stuck inside the slots. Remove the salt when you think you are done.


Cleaning the exterior

Make sure you read the manufacturer’s recommendations in regards to cleaning, to avoid damaging your toaster. If your toaster has a plastic casing, you can use a soft cloth with a bit of vinegar and baking soda. This combination will make any stains disappear from the exterior surface and your toaster will look as good as new.

This is how you properly clean a toaster, headache free. Removable crumb trays are usually dishwasher safe, but make sure you read the manual before actually starting to clean it.

How to Toast Bread to Perfection


Toasters are common kitchen appliances and many people appreciate being able to enjoy a healthy meal in the morning, instead of loading their daily diet with junk food. Toasting a slice of bread to perfection is no rocket science, but you need to know your toaster a little bit. With 4 slice toasters now equipped with many different settings and functionalities, it is not unheard of to feel a bit lost. Here is a step by step guide on how to toast bread, so you can obtain the results you want each and every time.


If you have a toaster that can center the bread instead the slot, you do not have to worry whether your bread slices are too thick or too thin. However, it is a matter of taste and thicker slices take a bit longer to make, so you may want to keep that in mind.



The latest 4 slice toaster models come now with all kinds of settings, so you can have a bit of fun with these. For instance, you can choose – on some toaster – how brown you want your toast to be. Even more, larger models with more slots even allow you to independently adjust the settings for each slice, so each member of your family can get the perfect toast, according to their preferences.



The lift is the mechanism that pushes the slices of bread upwards so you can grab them once they are done. It is recommended to get a model with a high rise lift, so you can toast other items besides bread inside the toaster.



Your toast may not be perfect right from the get go, but you can always lower the slice back and redo the process if you are unsatisfied. With time, you will know exactly how much time you need for the perfect toast to have in the morning.


My Uncle’s Excellent Quesadilla Recipe


Quesadillas are not only tasty, they are a lot of fun. This is something I learned from my uncle who is quite the expert when it comes to quesadillas. Since during family get-togethers, all the kids and adults alike are pestering him to make delicious quesadillas, in time, he really managed to come up with some ideas that are somehow out of the box. One excellent recipe that I truly enjoy and many other family members also love is his macaroni and cheese combination. I want to share it with you, and I can bet your kids will never complain about having quesadillas again for dinner.




  • Two cups of pasta
  • One teaspoon of butter
  • One tablespoon of flour
  • A cup of milk
  • Four ounces of cream cheese
  • A bit of cumin (smoked)
  • A cup of grated cheddar
  • Half a cup of salsa
  • Four tortillas





First, prepare the pasta, as it is described on the package. Let the butter melt in a bowl on medium heat and then mix with the flour. As the ingredients combine, add the milk, so you can obtain a paste. Add the cream cheese and the cumin and whisk the mix until it is thick and smooth. After that, you can add the prepared pasta or macaroni or whatever you chose. Make sure that  the pasta is properly strained, so you do not accidentally add water to the mix.

Spread half of the mix on one tortilla and then add the salsa. The grated cheddar comes in last. Press another tortilla on top of everything and place the combination on the quesadilla maker. I personally prefer working directly on the open quesadilla maker and after that, I plug it in and let it work. If you are searching for a good unit, I recommend this website for information. This is where I learned about some good units and picked one that I have to this day.


Last words

Make sure your quesadillas are brown and crisp. This is how kids love them and the truth is no adult can resist to the look of a perfect quesadilla filled with macaroni and cheese. I can honestly say that my uncle really helped me see how one could make their own recipes and find great tasty waste to turn around a meal and make it really exciting for everyone gathered around the table.

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