What Is Cyclonic Technology and Why Is It Good for You?


Vacuum cleaners have been around for quite some time, when a British engineer called James Dyson decided that it was the right time to taking these cleaning devices to a higher level. In the 1980s, he invented something called cyclonic technology that we can now found on our electric brooms and enjoy its great advantages. But what exactly is this technology and how does it help us?


Why old style vacuum cleaners are not so great


What Dyson noticed while studying vacuum cleaners is that they use a bag to store the dirt and dust they collect from floors and carpets. The problem he observed right away was that while the bag was getting more and more filled with dust and dirt, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner was decreasing. Then he came up with the idea of a bagless model that will no longer have this problem.

Another thing he noticed while studying vacuum cleaners was that most of the dust sucked in was later released back into the air, making cleaning the house a more complicated process.

The advantages of the first Dyson electric broom


The first prototypes created by Dyson were bulky, difficult to use and expensive, but they serves pretty well as a proof of concept. They also introduced the first elements that made the electric broom the successful invention it is considered today.

First of all, the height adjustment feature offered many people the possibility to use an electric broom without having to bend to do so. For anyone who has ever tried an electric broom, the convenience is so obvious that it cannot be ignored.

The dust collection bin was made, even on the first models, from transparent plastic, so you can always tell when the bin is getting full. This way, you will know exactly when to empty it.




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