Is Heavy Bag Training Essential for Developing Self Defense Qualities?


You may be surprised to learn how many people in the world are scared by the idea of having to hit someone, even when in a self defense situation. Self defense qualities can be developed in many ways, but one method that is embraced by plenty of men and women is training with a heavy bag. Why? I will explain it to you right away.


What is Hit Psychology?

When you are in a situation that constrains you to take action in order to defend yourself, you will feel an adrenaline rush, accompanied by a wide variety of sensations and emotions. There are people who say that they have never thought themselves to be able to act in a certain manner (especially a violent one), but given the circumstances, they acted on instinct to save or protect themselves. However, as I mentioned earlier, not everyone feels capable of acting on instinct just like that.

Training with a heavy bag gives you a great benefit and that is the development of something called Hit Psychology. What does this mean? Practically, by consistently hitting a heavy bag, training with it, will help you develop confidence that you can, in extreme situations, really defend yourself by landing a punch or a kick to your assailant.


Development of gross motor skills

If you are thinking that there is more than just psychology in this, you are right. Hitting a heavy bag according to a routine helps you develop something called gross motor skills. What happens when you are in a physically threatening situation is that you are put under a lot of pressure and stress. Gross motor skills engage large groups of muscles that are not affected by stress. In other words, you will train to respond properly to a physical assault, by training your muscles to serve you and act in order to protect you, and even save you from a dangerous situation.