How to catch more fish when ice fishing – use a fish finder

Ice fishing is quite challenging if compared with fishing in open waters. For an ice angler the most difficult part is to locate the places where the fish are abundant and make a profitable catch. It is really frustrating when you dig a hole on the snow laden river or sea, lower down your fishing line, wait for hours with no catch to count in your basket. So the best option is find a promising location beforehand and then start all the steps of fishing. For this you need a fish finder that works in such difficult terrains. How will you benefit with a fish finder? Here are clarifications to some of your doubts.


Get a SONAR based fish finder

When buying a fish finder to use in snowy areas, the best option is to select one that comes with SONAR probing. The reason for this suggestion is that this technology is very reliable when it comes to the colder regions. SONAR based fish finders are very successful in locating the exact position of the catch, their size and the contours beneath the iced surface. The only thing you need to check in this case is the conical area that the SONAR probe covers. More the area it covers, better are the chances of tracking bigger group of fish to catch. With this information in hand you will lower down the line at right location and time to have a full load of fish to carry back home.

Be moving

One golden rule of ice fishing is not remaining at one location. The rule is the same as you would follow while fishing in open waters. You won’t stay at one place. Here too you have to keep moving and exploring to new locations along with your fish finder to find out the perfect fishing place.


Have fully charged batteries

When you are fishing under ice, your will observe that the batteries you are using for the fish finder will be used up very quickly. Blame it on the cold weather you are working in. So, it is always better to carry extra batteries charged up to full, so that whenever you move to different location to use the fish finder, you don’t end up with used up batteries and an empty fishing basket to carry home. Leave the home with batteries as fully charged up as you are for this adventure.


Work in team

With a single person digging holes in snow and locating the fish with a fish finder, the process will be quite slow. Better results are guaranteed if you have a team or a group. You can split the tasks of digging, using fishing finder and laying the fishing line among your team members to speed up the job of catching fish.

Final words

To match your adventurous temper, you need a device that matches your zeal for ice fishing. Get a well-designed and feature rich fish finder for ice fishing having a display to locate and report the position under the snow. You must have the satisfaction of getting a good catch by moving out in cold and rough weather.