How Should a Good Drill Press for Woodworking Look Like?


Woodworking requires a certain level of finesse, and, of course, the right equipment for the job. If you want to know how your ideal drill press for woodworking should look like, the next ideas may be of help.


Precise selection for RPM levels


Wood comes in many different types, some of it is softer, while some varieties are really hard to work with. If you want to get a drill press that will help you with all your woodworking needs, try getting one with a good RPM range – from 200 to 3500 RPM, for instance – and the possibility to precisely select the level of RPM you want.

No vibration allowed


Woodworking requires accuracy and this is one of the reasons why a drill press is the recommended piece of equipment for such tasks. You can tell a bad unit from a good one, simply by observing the level of vibration produced. If there is too much vibration, you should immediately ditch that model. Not only it will cause inaccurate drilling results, but it can also be dangerous to use.


A few features


A good drill press for woodworking should come with a fair share of useful features ( this article I found useful) An angle gauge, an adjustable depth stop and a self tensioning system are just a few of the features you need to have on such a piece of equipment.


Chuck quality


Make sure that you get a drill press with decent chuck quality. A chuck capable of smoothly operating over its entire range of adjustments is the most recommended, because it will basically offer you the ability to get the best results. The spindle and chuck assembly should not be wobbly, either, so you can have perfect control over the work you are performing, while using the drill press inside your workshop.