Grandma’s special yogurt recipe

Yogurt is the omnipresent food that I know of and love to eat. I am proud of the way I make the yogurt. It tastes just like the yogurt made by my Grandma. I still remember the creaminess and the sweet taste of my Grandma’s yogurt. She used to make a huge bowl of it every night. All us, the kids gathered at Grandma’s place for the summer vacation, used to relish it every morning at breakfast. She used to add finely cut seasonal fruits in the creamy yogurt. That was the most wonderful breakfast, I remember till date.


My cravings for yogurt developed only because of my Grandma. According to her, yogurt is the ultimate remedy for any kind of illness. Whenever any of us had a sunburn, she used to rub our sunburnt skin with a gentle paste of fresh yogurt and chickpea flour. I still use this recipe. For our upset tummies, we were kept on a strict diet of rice and yogurt.


Her fruit smoothies were out-of-the world. I try to make similar desserts using yogurt as my Granny did. My kids too have grown to this flavor. Their day starts with a fresh bowl of yogurt every morning. I give them cornflakes with yogurt and a good helping of finely cut fruits. I can bet that this is the healthiest breakfast possible, rich in fibers, carbs, proteins, calcium, low fats and natural sweetness of fruits.


To make the yogurt as delicious as my Grandma’s I use this recipe. The whole secret to this recipe lies   in the amount of yogurt used for mothering and the warmth it gets, the whole night.


I use-

½ litre of milk

1 spoon yogurt



  1. Heat the milk in a thick-bottomed deep pan.
  2. Wait till the milk boils. Stir as the milk comes to boil. Do not let the fine skin deposit on the milk
  3. Let the milk cool down to temperature you can bear on your skin.
  4. Transfer milk in china bowl and add 1 spoon of yogurt.
  5. Stir well with a spoon and keep the bowl in a switched off oven or a casserole.
  6. Let it rest for night or at least 5 hours.
  7. In the morning, carefully drain the whey collected on the surface of the yogurt.
  8. You have yogurt ready to be used in any form you wish.