Daiwa DSH25-2B/F662M rod and reel combo

When I acquired this rod and reel combo for bass fishing, I wasn’t 100% sure I was making the best choice, but, looking at its features and the amazing price it came with, I couldn’t say no. Even if it had broken at the first use, I wouldn’t have considered it a bad investment, since the sum of money wasted on it was moderate.

I was unexpectedly lucky, not only the rod didn’t fail me, but it proved to be a great addition to my fishing gear. As I said, I wasn’t absolutely sure I was making a quality acquisition when I’ve decided for this combo, especially since I haven’t heard much about Daiwa and I didn’t own any other product manufactured by them. Anyway, if you are curious enough as to visit their website, you will see that these guys have a long tradition of producing spinning rods and reels and much more.


The combo includes a 6 ½ feet blank, which was one of the main aspects that lured me into buying this item, as I believe this is an ideal dimension for small and medium fish species, and especially for bass fishing when you need to get a good hold of your rod if you don’t want to drop your catch back into the water. The blank is made with fiberglass, so it doesn’t get better than this if you’re looking for resistance and durability brought together. The rod has a medium power, which is precisely what you need to land bass and supports 8lb of test line, but I believe it is sure to say you can use up to 10 lbs and even more.

The reel has a high-speed retrieval, a graphite body and a strongly built aluminum spool. It has 2 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing drive, combined with a Digigear system engineered to provide a smooth retrieve and a mechanism that prevents the line from twisting and tangling on itself.  What I appreciate at the reel is the fine and lightweight graphite built that ensures easy maneuverability and doesn’t add to the overall weight of the rod.

The manufacturers have designed this combo for freshwater fishing, but I don’t see why you couldn’t use it for saltwater as well. The guides and the real seat are both made with stainless steel, so they provide great resistance to corrosion and they will last in time with the proper caring. Unfortunately, I don’t believe it is suitable for larger species.

One thing that may represent an inconvenience for some anglers is that this is a 2-piece rod, which might prove less efficient when casting, than a single piece product. I didn’t have a problem with it personally, and see that more as an advantage, since I can easily carry it with me when I have to walk long distances or have to deposit the rod in smaller places, when I go camping with my friends and family.