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  a黑龙江节农村金融机构不良存贷款比值较高 Heilongjiang Province rural finance organization non-performing loan rate high [translate]

  a他的学术专著多臻数佰万言,就中带拥有《翻译美学带论》等什壹部。刘宓庆讨论了即兴当代译学信直所拥局部即兴实效实 His academic monograph reaches several 1,000,000 words, including "Translation Esthetics Introductory remarks" and so on 11.Liu Mi Qing discusses the generation to translate study the nearly all theory question now [translate]

  a不酷爱先君儿子国的人,对什么邑不能酷爱。 Does not love the motherland human, to anything not impossible love. [translate]

  a我想你应当在飞机上了 I thought you to be supposed on the airplane [translate]

  a同时我们却以吃到好吃的食物 Moreover we may eat delicious food [translate]

  a你们的效力动如同拥有壹点效实,我给你们客服打电话,客服畅通牒我在皓天之内顶付订金邑却以,当今时间是16:16,还没拥有老壹套呀? Your service probably has the question, I give you the guest clothing to telephone, the guest clothing tells me to pay the deposit within today all to be possible, now the time is 16:16, but also does not have expired? [translate]

  a我放你走 I put you to walk [translate]

  a酷爱雪 Loves the snow [translate]

  aClips of a variety of stone 夹儿子各种各样石 [translate]

  aUnleashes an ultra powered laser at an air or ground enemy,dealing huge damage. 松开超供应触动力的laser在空气或空间对象,成提交庞父亲的损伤。 [translate]

  a父亲学叁年生 The university three years live [translate]

  aas a teacher,I always tell my students to work hard and keep up from day one 干为教养员,艰辛尽畅通牒我的先生二工干同时僵持神物的天壹 [translate]

  a我的担负很重.我需寻求妥协,僵持! My burden is very heavy. I need to struggle, insistence! [translate]

  a小菲,你对我到来说是什分要紧的,我很在乎你、很酷爱你。 The small Philippines, you to me are extremely important, I care about you very much, love you very much. [translate]

  a跟遂城市生活压力越到来越父亲 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]

  a土地免去落了水分就成了漠。人没拥有拥有了盼头,还剩什么?小盼头,顶顶人的壹天,父亲盼头,顶顶人的一齐生。人,是对立不能没拥有拥有盼头的。 The land removed the moisture content to become the desert.Human not expectation, but also what remains? The small expectation, supports human's one day, the big expectation, supports human's life.The human, is cannot not have the expectation absolutely. [translate]